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A Public-Private Partnership to Build Resilient Businesses


Tenefit has partnered with the Pacific Disaster Center to deliver DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ —the same powerful disaster management technology used exclusively by top U.S. federal agencies and disaster management organizations around the globe for over a decade. For more than 20 years, the PDC has helped the public sector reduce disaster risk through ground-breaking research and applied scientific practices. Leveraging Tenefit’s technology, PDC’s natural hazard intelligence platform has been brought to the cloud and made available to the commercial sector. For the first time ever, enterprises will be able to ensure business continuity with a government grade C/EM tool allowing them to protect their people, property and production.

DisasterAWARE Enterprise

DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ – Tenefit

Kaazing is the leading provider of event-driven, over-the-web connectivity. With Kaazing’s enterprise-grade solutions, including an integrated application development environment, customers can securely and cost-effectively respond to digital consumers’ demand for personalized services and support via real-time web and mobile applications. Furthermore, with Kaazing, customers can dramatically reduce the IT costs and time associated with merging and securing systems, and can move their services from on-premise to cloud to containers without requiring changes to their applications.

Organizations of all types and sizes across a wide range of industries are increasingly moving towards hybrid cloud environments, and this shift is creating significant performance issues for CIOs and CISOs, not to mention security concerns. These technology decision-makers are facing the realization that in order to achieve real-time performance and LAN-like security for applications that span private and public clouds, they need to implement a modernized technology architecture. As a result, this “app-centric economy” is driving organizations to seek a comprehensive and robust technology platform to help them compete in their respective markets – as customer demands for innovative, app-based offerings continue to skyrocket.

Pacific Disaster Center

Preventing hazards from becoming disasters and disasters from becoming catastrophes.
For more than 20 years, Pacific Disaster Center has blazed new trails in disaster management—building the most powerful, scientifically sound, and innovative solutions to support disaster risk reduction worldwide. Our industry-leading disaster risk intelligence platform, DisasterAWARE™, has grown from decades of collaboration with top agencies who share our mission to protect millions worldwide. As the number of people affected by disasters continues to grow, so does our track record of helping to protect communities with reliable and timely access to life-saving information. PDC works side-by-side with governments, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and humanitarian relief organizations around the globe to help save lives and reduce losses with our cutting-edge technology and the best scientific practices to reduce disaster risk.


A History of Resilience

DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ platform mainly serves the Enterprise business needs.   It is powered by PDC DisasterAWARE™ technology. PDC is an applied research center managed by the University of Hawaii that for more than 20 years has been pushing the boundaries in disaster management—building the most powerful, scientifically sound, and most innovative solutions to support disaster risk reduction for the public.  Tenefit has partnered with PDC to deliver the DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ platform to the private sector.

Public and Private Sector Disaster Data

Disaster Resilience on a Global Scale

DisasterAWARE™ has critically supported disaster risk mitigation, planning and recovery for communities around the world. Now it is able to do the same for enterprises.

Global Disaster Data