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Every day, unforeseen risks and fast-moving challenges threaten your organization’s people and assets in real-time.

Does your organization have a business continuity plan and platform in place to minimize risks, maximize resilience, and deploy company-wide preparatory measures?

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Jeff Dean is the Director of Global Security for Citrix, a multinational software company with over 8,000 employees & upwards of $5 billion in assets worldwide. This is their story:

Jeffrey Dean, CPP

Director, Global Security Risk Services at Citrix Systems

“Prior to adopting DisasterAWARE Enterprise Risk Intelligence Platform, we manually pored over endless lines of hazard data to identify risks and safeguard personnel, a process akin to searching for a ‘needle in a haystack’.

Key Features in DisasterAWARE Enterprise

27 Hazards in DisasterAWARE Enterprise

Our crucial responsibility of analyzing threat information to safeguard company personnel & assets was complicated & encumbered by the lack of authoritatively sourced, aggregated, and curated hazard data. On top of that, other platforms and monitoring tools had high barriers to entry like lengthy onboarding processes.

With DisasterAWARE Enterprise software, getting started was simple. No lengthy onboarding and complex integrations, which saved us loads of time. After integrating DisasterAWARE Enterprise software into the Citrix Global Security Risk framework, we aligned risk & incident management with our primary goal of supporting business continuity. DisasterAWARE Enterprise software has been a game-changer for us.

Risk Vulnerability Index in DisasterAWARE Enterprise

Resilience Index in DisasterAWARE Enterprise

Today, Citrix leverages DisasterAWARE Enterprise software to monitor staff, offices, and supply chain via situation reports, risk & vulnerability assessments, valuable regional historical data, hazard alerting, collaboration tools, and real-time heatmaps that determine hazard activity based on social-media feeds. Best of all is that uploading your assets to the DisasterAWARE Enterprise Platform is painless, no learning curve needed, so within a day you can have a sophisticated & comprehensive situational awareness view like ours.”

Transform your organization’s resilience to risks, ensure the safety & productivity of personnel, tactically respond to hazards, and make executive decisions based on real actionable data with one powerfully integrated platform.

Media Heat-map in DisasterAWARE Enterprise

SmartAlert in DisasterAWARE Enterprise

Rely on DisasterAWARE Enterprise, the #1 Global Risk Intelligence Platform, to keep your people safe and assets protected.