Case Study
& Use Cases

Crystal Egger, Certified Meteorologist

Crystal Egger Meterologist using DisasterAWARE Enterprise on daily basis to serve global business customers.

Citrix & DisasterAWARE Enterprise™

On the heels of National Hurricane Preparedness Week, Kaazing has worked with Citrix enabling the company to leverage the most advanced enterprise risk intelligence platform in the industry, DisasterAWARE Enterprise™. Citrix is using DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ to prepare and protect its business and human assets worldwide. This is the same powerful technology used exclusively by top U.S. federal agencies and disaster management organizations around the globe for over a decade powered by Pacific Disaster Center’s global, cloud-based DisasterAWARE™ platform.

Use Cases

Bookmarks (2:39)

Citrix Use Case: Setting up personalized data layers and bookmarks in DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ risk intelligence platform.

Personalized Data Layers (2:57)

Citrix Use Case: Integrating own data as a layer into DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ risk intelligence platform.

Reporting (6:05)

Citrix Use Case: Daily Executive Reporting of natural hazard using DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ risk intelligence platform.