CITRIX leverages DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ as an analytical tool to assess potential risk to Citrix data, customers, offices and people


Deep historic data andpredictivemodeling keep Citrix ahead of the curve

San Jose, CA, July, 23, 2018
— As Citrix prepared for the 2018 hurricane season in the Atlantic Basin, Kaazing’s DisasterAWARE Enterprise™, a cloud-based SaaS Risk Intelligence platform was leveraged as an integral analytical tool to help assess potential risk to Citrix information, customers, offices and most importantly, its people.

“It’s all about minimizing risk and maximizing our business resilience.”

Jeffrey A Dean, CPP, Director – Global Security Risk Services, GTS, Citrix

Challenges prior to using DisasterAWARE Enterprise™:

  • Reliable, near real-time hazard-related information needed to provide accurate and timely updates to management was unavailable.
  • Sourcing, aggregating, and curating data from different sources was difficult,inefficient
    and required subject expertise.
  • Integrating and analyzing threat information for decision-making was time consuming,
    complicated, and cumbersome due to manual data collection.

DisasterAWARE Enterprise™, a cloud-based SaaS Risk Intelligence all-in-one platform offered Citrix:

  • Availability of the largest collection of real-time, scientifically-verified, global data for observational monitoring and incident response; as well as predictive modeling for hazard exposure and impacts, augmented by extensive other geospatial information such as historical hazard data, baseline data, and infrastructure data.
  • Efficient and secure access to Citrix-specific data, such as location of staff, offices, and supply chain information via straightforward import and integration with the platform.
  • Integrated multi-hazard alerting, collaboration tools, and monitoring of social media channels like Twitter to generate heatmaps depicting geographic hotspots of activity.
  • Optimized access and collaboration from anywhere, anytime via multiple devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones), powered by Kaazing’s latest generation of serverless connectivity technology.
  • Differentiating features such as offline-mode, access to traffic cameras, drawing tools, and bookmark-sharing across teams.

Benefits of DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ to Citrix:

  • Accurate and timely information provided by one platform, saving time and resources during a hazard event.
  • Efficacy of actions, which mitigate impact to Citrix assets while minimizing business disruptions due to a hazard event.
  • Valuable historical data allowing tailored preparation and response and recovery plans, based on the likelihood of a hazard event affecting Citrix assets.
  • DisasterAWARE Enterprise™provides Situation Reports and Risk and Vulnerability Assessments that have allowed Citrix to make vital decisions and effectively prepare for impending storms. 

About Kaazing:

Kaazing is the leading provider of event-driven, over-the-web connectivity for enterprise. Its key differentiators are scalability, security and speed of delivery with the most cost effective solution.  Kaazing’s customers include one of the world’s largest energy-producing and trading companies, three of the world’s top ten banks, one of America’s top three professional sports franchises, one of Europe’s most sophisticated rail transportation networks and two of the top three transportation companies in the World.  Kaazing’s leading technologies & services enable the DisasterAWARE Enterprise™platform to reliably process hazard related big data in real time serving millions of people globally.


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