“Company to Watch” Kaazing DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ 


Key points by FRD Innovation Research

  • Kaazing’s specialty is cost-effective, real-time delivery of data, anywhere in the world
  • The company has launched DisasterAWARE Enterprise, a risk intelligence platform that turns hazard data into actionable intelligence enabling private companies to better assess risk from natural and manmade disasters
  • Following a particularly destructive 2017 hurricane season, enterprises are keen to improve protection of their staff and assets in affected areas
  • DisasterAWARE Enterprise works on PCs as well as mobile devices, online and offline, to better allow users at the scene of a disaster to coordinate relief efforts
  • The platform gathers data from any form of connected device or sensor, which has implications for smart city use cases


Innovation spotlight

This backdrop of increasing weather uncertainty makes it more crucial than ever for enterprises to ensure staff safety and business continuity. Kaazing’s DisasterAWARE Enterprise is designed to address the lack of reliable, real-time hazard-related information, help firms assess and reduce the risks to their staff and business from disasters, and design continuity plans based on the likelihood of disasters. For example, cloud and virtualization company Citrix has signed onto use DisasterAWARE Enterprise for this purpose, eliminating their previous challenges of sourcing, aggregating and curating data from different sources and of making decisions based on risk information.

Full Blog post is available at: https://frdinnovationresearch.com/2018/07/27/companies-to-watch-kaazing/