Risk and Impact Intelligence to Power Your Applications

Use the power of our Resilience Engine to enable your applications with the world’s most accurate, real-time global risk and impact intelligence. With a simple API, you can add resilience capabilities to applications that address your organization’s unique needs and use cases.

Here are a few of the application categories that can benefit by using DisasterAWARE as your Data-as-a-Service provider:

  • Supply Chain Management

    Identify problems in your supply chain before or as they develop

    Imagine discovering a second tier supplier will experience a disruption a week before it happens or that a strategic logistics route or port will be blocked. This knowledge will give you valuable time to mitigate the effects on your production and delivery schedules and thereby drive the best business outcomes for your organization.

  • Insurance

    Understand the potential impact on your clients’ people and assets of a disaster as it develops

    Knowing how much damage will occur from a disaster in a given region will let your company better prepare for serving your clients in the aftermath. This could be more claims adjusters on site or more representatives manning the phone.

  • Critical Event Management

    Initiate the right plan by knowing when, where and how bad a disaster will be

    Imagine your critical event management application could alert users before one of their facilities was likely to be flooded and it could also tell them how high the water level might be on the factory floor in the next 48 hours. This would give them time to enact their emergency protocols mitigate the disruptions caused by the flood.

  • Financial Analytics

    Drive investment decisions informed by risk and impact intelligence

    In the world of investment trading, knowing about an event five minutes before competing investors can be the difference between gaining or losing millions of dollars. Get alerted to potential hazards impacting your investments and know the likely impacts of those hazards in near-real-time. There are a nearly-infinite number of applications that can, and will, benefit from risk and impact intelligence. You can make your applications DisasterAWARE with the world’s most accurate, real-time, global data.

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  • Critical Event Management

    Risk and impact intelligence is a key part of any Critical Event Management plan. Your business must plan, monitor, and proactively respond to natural and manmade hazards .
  • Supply Chain Management

    DisasterAWARE Enterprise helps hundreds of organizations across 65 countries plan, monitor, and respond to potential and actual supply chain disruptions.