Get detailed information on COVID-19, SmartAlerts when assets are in the proximity of an outbreak or event,  area briefs and reports generated outlining demographic and risk and vulnerability information.


Around the world, the Coronavirus pandemic is having a profound impact on health, business,
and life as we know it. With 600K+ confirmed cases and counting, this unprecedented global
pandemic is drastically affecting business operations everywhere. Employees are quarantined, supply chains are disrupted and trade is halted. Now, more than ever, businesses need real-time, actionable alerts about the spread and impact of COVID-19. As a result, DisasterAware Enterprise (DAE) is tripling the length of its free trial from 15 to 45 days.

DisasterAWARE Enterprise™’s coronavirus layer provides direct insight in how your business is exposed. The features include the Emergency Measure Statue, open airports in the United States, updates on confirmed cases, confirmed recovered, and confirmed deaths globally.

DAE assists you continuously giving you updates on any worrisome situation such as employee safety and unfolding coronavirus outbreaks in areas you care about. Simply input your asset locations, identify geographies of interest, and DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ will create SmartAlerts that will notify you of any changes in the areas.

Because DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ is a cloud based SaaS risk intelligence platform it gets real-time updates and will never go offline. Although most are working remotely these days not all information you find is reliable and you don’t have the time to sift and decide what it is to take in. DisasterAWARE Enterprise funnels everything for you and is reliably the all-in-one platform that assists in ways you need it.

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