New Worldwide Geopolitical Data includes: Active shooter, terrorism, cyber and civil unrest

Applied AI helps to generate real-time natural hazard damage cost and population impacted



 San Jose, CA – July 15, 2019 – Today,  DisasterAWARE  Enterprise Corporation announces new high-value information access features in its DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ risk intelligence platform. As the leading global Natural Hazards Risk Intelligence platform, the new Geopolitical data includes man-made hazards including: Terrorism, Active Shooter, Accident, Political Conflict, Civil Unrest, Combat and Cybercrime worldwide. A detailed hazard brief is available for each event, providing a concise overview of hazards, answering questions like “What is it?”, “Where did it happen?”, and “How severe is it?”? With this geopolitical information fused with natural hazard data, DisasterAWARE Enterprise provides businesses with a complete common operational picture of the risks that they face.


By showing everything from terror events to political conflicts, the platform helps users to evaluate threats in order to assist with timely decision-making. The most authoritative & comprehensive Risk Intelligence platform, it provides both natural and man-made hazards insight in real time.


 DisasterAWARE Enterprise™’s enhanced algorithms and applied AI capabilities help to automate critical social and economic impact analysis such as the estimated damage costs of natural hazards and the number of people potentially impacted in selected geographical areas. Additionally, advanced search capability, a new Media Panel feature, offers users access to real-time media coverage with geographical heatmap information. The platform offers access to content from news, which appear as “stories” in near real time from 40,000 different publishers. This heatmap identifies hotspot locations by analyzing recent media chatter. Users can also customize settings for filtering stories only about specific hazards.


“Today’s enterprises realize they have a leadership role to play in protecting their most valuable assets, business and people. We have an important responsibility providing them with crucial information in real-time.  We are excited to help them in this work as we continue to enhance the most in-depth, data and function-rich risk intelligence platform, DisasterAWARE Enterprise™.” said DisasterAWARE Enterprise CEO Bob Miller.


“We continue to be impressed by the platform in general but the rigorous speed which new features and new crucial data has been integrated into DisasterAWARE Enterprise™, is just ubiquitous. What makes DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ unique is that it is industry agnostic. It can be vertically integrated into the supply chain and logistics, and is well suited across industries including travel, insurance, education, healthcare, utilities, finance, airports, mining, ports, retail, and other global enterprises.” Stephanie Atkinson, CEO, Founder & Principal Analyst, Compass Intelligence.


“Geopolitical risk is a reality in the world today and businesses must understand not only what kind of events are taking place, but also where they are located.  Whether it is a terror attack in the Philippines or civil unrest in Sudan, DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ provides you with real time information on emerging geopolitical events.  This will show you not only what happened today, but also help identify emerging risks and trends in your area of operation.” said Dr. Corey Stutte, GeoPioneer’s CEO.



About DisasterAWARE Enterprise:

DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ is a cloud-based SaaS risk intelligence platform for monitoring global hazards to support enterprise risk management decisions and continuity planning. It integrates near-real-time observation data and models outputs from a variety of scientific sources with hundreds of baseline and historical data. Platform offers integrated alerting, collaboration tools, social media channel monitoring and is optimized for use on multiple devices including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. It offers offline operation, access to traffic cameras, and the ability to import custom data such as the location of staff, offices, and supply chain routes.


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