Resilience Through Early Warning

Our DisasterAWARE Enterprise SaaS application helps your company achieve organizational resilience by offering powerful, accurate, and timely risk and impact data. We don’t just alert you to natural and manmade hazards taking place: We provide near-real-time analysis to tell you who and what will be impacted, and how severely. Our Resilience Engine AI gives critical event managers the data they need to make informed business decisions to drive better business outcomes while reducing risk and impact to their organization, people, and assets.

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Who is DisasterAWARE Enterprise for?

Organizations of all sizes, across all industries, can benefit from the advanced intelligence DisasterAWARE provides. Our risk and impact intelligence is currently used by thousands of government, humanitarian, and corporate customers around the globe to quickly and accurately predict risk and impact and make critical decisions.

  • Near-real-time alerts powered by artificial intelligence

    Our Resilience Engine AI processes over 300 verified data sources in near real-time, giving our customers the fastest and most reliable source of risk and impact data on both natural and manmade hazards.

The Hazards you need to see and only the hazards you need to see

DisasterAWARE starts by curating only those hazards that have the potential to impact business and displays them on our world map and only alerts your team of those hazards that will impact your assets or defined geographies. You’ll know when you receive an alert that it’s relevant to your business locations, people, and other assets – and you’ll have the data you need to take action all in real-time.

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Access to worldwide geospatial data for risk assessment, early warning, response and other disaster management needs

DisasterAWARE Enterprise includes access to data compiled by the Global Hazards Information Network and hosted by PDC. Your subscription comes with:

  • Real-time hazard incident data
  • Historical hazard data
  • Highly accurate predictive modeling
  • Demographic and socio-economic data
  • Real-time meteorological observations and forecast data
  • Base map data, such as infrastructure, hydrography, and emergency services
  • Real-time meteorological observations and forecast data
  • High-resolution satellite imagery
  • Topographic data and digital elevation models

Gain Insights on Risk and Impact Data for All Categories of Natural and Manmade Hazards

  • Avalanche

  • Earthquakes

  • Tsunamis

  • Volcanos

  • Floods

  • Tornados

  • Winter Storms

  • Wildfires

  • Marine Hazards

  • Storms

  • Droughts

  • Manmade Hazards


SmartAlert™ allows users to define a geographic area for alerts and then automatically detects hazards which may pose a threat to that area. When a hazard is detected and the SmartAlert geometry intersects the user-defined area, an alert for that hazard is issued. SmartAlert only alerts about the hazards that have potential impact, eliminating erroneous alerts. It also groups and aggregates multiple alerts issued by source agencies to reduce the number of duplicate alerts and the common problem of “over alerting.”

Asset Tracking

Upload your assets including static (such as buildings) and moving (such as vehicles) into DisasterAWARE and get a SmartAlert if any hazard has the potential to impact your assets in real-time.

Customizable Platform

Our powerful out-of-the-box solution becomes even more advanced when you customize DisasterAWARE Enterprise with your organization’s own data to create a custom risk and impact data solution powered by DisasterAWARE and our Resilience Engine AI.

Fully Responsive Application

Our responsive application and touch friendly user interface allows you to use DisasterAWARE on any device from a smartphone or tablet to your laptop browser.

See how good our data is for yourself.

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    Risk and impact intelligence is a key part of any Critical Event Management plan. Your business must plan, monitor, and proactively respond to natural and manmade hazards .
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    DisasterAWARE Enterprise helps hundreds of organizations across 65 countries plan, monitor, and respond to potential and actual supply chain disruptions.