DisasterAWARE Enterprise™

Disasters happen fast. Make informed decisions, faster.


Early warning and decision support system

For disaster management practitioners and senior decision makers.
DisasterAWARE™ is the most powerful and reliable early warning and multi-hazard monitoring platform. It is used by thousands of the most demanding government customers and humanitarian assistance organizations around the globe. It supports disaster risk reduction and best practices throughout all phases of disaster management—providing early warning, multi-hazard monitoring, modeled impact assessments, and the largest collection of scientifically verified geospatial data. DisasterAWARE™ powers customized software solutions for multiple countries around the world, as well as our free mobile app for public use, Disaster Alert on Android or iOS.

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Access real-time information and manage hazards as they unfold

Newest features

We are continuously working with our partners to advance the best new development ideas.

Touch friendly for mobile devices
Offline mode for remote areas / lost network
Compatible with all devices and browsers
Allows user-imported geospatial layers
Allows bookmarks and sharing of layers
Provides geospatial data layer exchange

Interested in DisasterAWARE™?

Global Data Catalog

Get access to an expansive library of geospatial data for risk assessment, early warning, response, and other disaster management needs. Hosted by PDC and compiled by the Global Hazards Information Network, you can access:
  • Real-time hazard incident data
  • Historical hazard data
  • Highly accurate predictive modeling
  • Demographic and socio-economic data
  • Real-time meteorological observations and forecast data
  • Base map data, such as infrastructure, hydrography, and emergency services
  • High-resolution satellite imagery
  • Topographic data and digital elevation models

DisasterAWARE™ Customizable Platform

Unlock the power of your own data.

We provide both out-of-the box and customized decision support solutions built on our industry-leading platform, DisasterAWARE™. We’ve helped government agencies and nongovernmental organizations worldwide to design and successfully implement early warning and decision support solutions powered by DisasterAWARE™.



For DisasterAWARE™

You select an area to monitor. We’ll alert you to hazards inside and outside that area that may pose a threat, automatically


DisasterAWARE™ Assets Tracking

Upload your own assets data.

Uploading your assets to the DisasterAWARE Enterprise Platform is painless, no learning curve needed, so within a day, you can have a sophisticated & comprehensive situational awareness of all asset locations around the globe.

DisasterAWARE™ Covid-19 Features


Helps business owners make informed and confident decisions amidst COVID-19

Our tools are used to help organizations effectively make choices and understand how the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting their places of interest or business in the current or potentially.

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