Blog by Sue Liu, GM Kaazing:  

To Stay Ahead of Natural Disasters, Key is to Invest in Leading Tool for Real-Time Disaster Monitoring and Response.

Images of hurricanes pounding US territory, from Puerto Rico to Hawaii to mainland United States, have become regular occurrences in the past few years with billions of dollars in property damage and thousands of lives lost. The severity and number of storms have only grown in the years since Hurricane Katrina pounded New Orleans in 2005, culminating in unprecedented financial losses from the 2017 year’s earthquakes, hurricanes and wildfires amount to $306 billion, which nearly doubled the $188 billion lost in 2016.


Against this backdrop, we are attending GSX, Global Security Summit in Las Vegas, NV this coming up week to demonstrate and discuss Kaazing’s DisasterAWARE Enterprise™, as it’s more important than ever for enterprises to be able to protect their employees and other assets from natural and manmade disasters. But even that can be a daunting task, as Business Continuity managers need to find the authoritative data sources that will provide the most accurate and up-to-the-minute information on, for example, a storm’s expected path and changes in its severity.


Kaazing’s DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ platform addresses that gap for businesses. The same powerful technology used by US federal agencies and disaster management organizations around the world is now available to enterprises globally.  DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ pulls together data from hundreds of authoritative sources, including the National Weather Service(NWS), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and NASA, to name a few. The platform offers access to over 200 layers of data, derived from sources such as GIS, sensor data, social media heatmaps, and historical hazard data. Businesses can overlay these layers onto existing maps and add data of their own, such as facilities, asset location, employees and more. Filtering by 18 hazard types and five levels of severity allows enterprises to see which of their assets and offices are affected, and to provide intelligent updates to management in real-time. DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ allows enterprises to set hazard alerts on relevant geo locations for the most timely monitoring and associated response. Listening tools from social media provide further context on what’s happening on the ground before, during and after an event.


DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ is just as crucial in a company’s planning stages as enterprises can use it for site planning prior to deciding where to open offices that may be vulnerable to flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes and other hazards. One key client, cloud and virtualization company Citrix, has used the platform for precisely that purpose, as well as modeling how best to move employees and assets out of harm’s way during its annual hurricane preparedness activities.


Citrix aimed to address the following challenges:

  • Lack of reliable, near real-time hazard-related information to provide management with accurate and timely updates
  • Difficulty and inefficiency of curating and aggregating such data from different sources
  • Decision-making slowed and complicated by the need to manually collect threat information

The platform has provided solutions to each of these problems for Citrix. Other key benefits of DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ include providing optimized access and collaboration from anywhere via multiple devices, whether PCs, tablets or smartphones. The platform also has an offline mode for situations where broadband or cellular networks aren’t functioning; access to traffic cameras; and bookmark-sharing across teams.


“Citrix Global Security Team has been actively using DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ for months, and most recently as we prepared for Hurricanes Florence in the US and Mangkhut in Asia.  Based on very accurate predictive modeling of DisasterAWARE Enterprise™, we were able to successfully prepare and mitigate risk to our operations in the Carolinas and in Hong Kong, protecting our employees and corporate assets. We simply could not have done this in a timely fashion without DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ as our key tool.” Jeffrey A Dean, CPP, Director – Global Security Risk Services, GTS, Citrix.


The projected rise in the severity of weather events throughout the world will make it more necessary for enterprises to respond quickly to predicted and actual disasters, like earthquakes, wildfire, floods, and storms. As supply chains become more global and enterprises expand their worldwide operations, the ability to make sense of data from multiple sources, in multiple languages, has become a crucial factor in reducing damage to assets, staff, and buildings while mitigating risk with suppliers and associated infrastructure around the world. DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ is the platform that will help companies navigate these growing threats.


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