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With DisasterAlert, you’ve got the most accurate and reliable source of global risk and impact data in the palm of your hand. Our free mobile app works as a standalone resource for anyone with a smartphone or tablet. It becomes even more powerful as a companion app for DisasterAWARE Enterprise users, who will receive the same SmartAlerts, see all their geofences and assets as they do on desktop – from anywhere.

DisasterALERT Mobile App

Everyone can use the global risk and impact data from DisasterAlert to stay informed and make better data informed decisions. You don’t need to be a DisasterAWARE customer, and you don’t even have to register for an account, just download and start using the app. Get an enhanced experience with location filtering by registering for a free account.

With the free DisasterAlert Mobile App You Can:

  • Get SmartAlerts for natural and manmade hazards that are likely to impact you
  • Filter and layer the hazards you get alerted about based on your location preferences
  • Designate geographic areas of concern for your alerts
  • Harness the power of over 300 near-real-time data sources from anywhere you have mobile service or wifi
  • Available for iOS and Android

DisasterAWARE Mobile App for DisasterAWARE Users

If your company is already a DisasterAWARE Enterprise customer, the DisasterAlert mobile app is even more powerful. As a companion app to your web version of DisasterAWARE Enterprise, you can use the DisasterAlert Mobile App to access the full array of DisasterAWARE features.

DisasterAWARE Enterprise users can leverage the mobile app for full functionality including:

  • Gain insights on risk and impact data for all categories of natural and manmade hazards
  • Access to worldwide geospatial data for risk assessment, early warning, response and other disaster management needs
  • Get alerts for hazards impacting your assets globally
  • It is like having your GSOC in your pocket
  • Available for iOS and Android

Compare DisasterAlert free mobile App and
DisasterAlert for DisasterAware Users:

DisasterAlert Users

Worldwide Hazard View

DisasterAlert for Registered Users

Worldwide Hazard View

Alert Filtering

DisasterAWARE Enterprise Users

Worldwide Hazard View

Alert Filtering

Full DisasterAware Enterprise Features

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