Natural disaster damage cost the United States $306 billion and just California alone $80 billion in 2017. New records are being set each year for natural disaster losses; we face an ever-increasing need to be prepared. According to the Economist since 1970, the number of disasters worldwide has more than quadrupled to
around 400 a year. Last year’s total was the highest ever seen.


For the past 18` months, Kaazing has been engaged in joint development with the Pacific Disaster Center in order to extend the reach of critical, life-saving technologies to provide businesses with an enterprise-grade risk intelligence and management solution. Today we were joined by PDC, Columbus Nova Partners, Sonim, Aragon Research, media, analysts and by more than 50 local dignitaries and influencers at the San Jose Tech Museum for the exclusive unveiling of the DisasterAWARE Enterprise™, the most data rich risk intelligence platform in the world. This is an excellent example of technology developed for the government being applied to the commercial market.


Key differentiators of DisasterAWARE Enterprise™include access to historical data, predictive modeling and hundreds of data feeds from current weather observations and forecasts, to economic data, to demographics, 
to social listening (via Twitter API) and access to over 20K live traffic camera feeds around the world in one cloud-based SaaS platform. DisasterAWARE Enterprise™allows Emergency Operations Centers to collaborate with First Responders and others to provide situational updates in real time. As a result of incorporating Montage Studio it is very intuitive with outstanding graphics.


Today is just the beginning, looking at these numbers and seeing the impact of natural disasters on people and the disruption of  business operations, there is an imperative to get ahead of the curve, not pay the price of being behind it.


The world has seen what happened in Puerto Rico with Hurricane Maria when you get behind. One of the key aspects of this platform is when it is used effectively it reduces human hardship and suffering for people around the world.


With DisasterAWAREEnterprise™ you dramatically improve your emergency response as well as improved deployment of resources.


DisasterAWARE Enterprise™is available now. Businesses can request a free trial at