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Prevent hazards from becoming disasters

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Managing operations in an ever increasingly integrated world requires real-time global situational awareness. At any time, hazards can completely disrupt business continuity by putting employees, supply chains, reputation, and other assets at risk. Being able to separate fact from fiction quickly is what is going to separate the winners from losers in this new age of globalization and turbulence.

DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ helps business leaders stay ahead of disasters by providing the most comprehensive near real-time information about the hazards that impact our world day-by-day, hour-by-hour, and minute-by-minute.



What you need to know, now.

DisasterAWARE™ is the most powerful early warning and decision support solution for disaster risk mitigation, planning, exercises, operational response, and recovery. Make at-a-glance decisions and choose from thousands of layers of information from only the most trusted, scientific sources.

Early Warning
Early warning and global alerting for 18 types of hazards including natural and man-made threats.
Predictive Modeling Tools

Predictive scientific modeling tools for estimating probability and impact of hazards.

Real Time Observations
Real-time observations and forecasts with map visualizations for at-a-glance decision making.
News media feeds and hotspots for assessing ground conditions and hotspots of activities.
Risk Analysis
Risk and needs analysis including population vulnerability, coping capacity, hazard exposure, and critical needs reports.
Cross Agency Collaboration
Cross-agency collaboration and tools to facilitate streamlined communication and information sharing.

SmartAlert™ Notifications

Be the first to know.

SmartAlert™ Notifications is the most advanced product in the market for early warning of the increasingly powerful natural disasters that afflict our world on a near constant basis. SmartAlert’s™ algorithms work hand-in-hand with our scientifically based hazard detection systems to make sure you’re the first to know when disasters strike.

Disaster Data as a Service

Data as a Service

Make your product DisasterAWARE™

Integrate into your applications and workflows the most extensive collection of content related to natural hazards. DisasterAWARE Enterprise’s™ Data as a Service offering includes access to real-time hazard reporting, hundreds of geospatial data sets from current meteorological observational data to historical incidents, a spatially queryable global demographic database, and much more.