DisasterAWARE Enterprise Capabilities

  • General (3:52)

    Explore the overall capabilitiesof DisasterAWARE Enterprise and the basic concepts behind its powerful visualization engine.

  • Storms (4:14)

    Recent years have seen a sudden rise in violent storms as ocean temperatures rise. DisasterAWARE Enterprise allows you to track storm movements in near real-time as well as predicting likely trajectory.

  • Earthquakes and Tsunamis (4:09)

    Early understanding the impact of earthquakes and tsunamis on your business can provide vital time to establish alternative sources for key components or materials. DisasterAWARE Enterprise provides this information as events unfold.

  • Historic Storm Tracks (2:06)

    Some areas are much more prone to storms than others. Historic storm tracks can help identify risk areas in your property or supply chain.

  • Deep Insight (3:36)

    Based on two decades of research into natural hazards, DisasterAWARE Enterprise provides great depth of data, both historic and predictive, about the many hazards faced by global businesses.

  • Situational Awareness (3:51)

    Knowing what is happening on the ground during an incident is vital to ensuring staff safety. Extensive, government-grade reportings is available within DisasterAWARE Enterprise, bringing the same level of information available to first responders to commercial organisations for the first time.