For DisasterAWARE™

You select an area to monitor. We’ll alert you to hazards inside and outside that area that may pose a threat, automatically

Multiple Hazards Supported


We’re taking the guesswork and unnecessary noise out of your early warning alerts. Developed by PDC’s engineers and disaster management experts, our new SmartAlert™ technology allows you to specify the area you want to monitor and then automatically alerts you about hazards that can impact that area.


You no longer need to cast a wide net over areas outside your area of concern and sift through numerous alerts for hazards that will never reach your community. You simply tell us your area of interest and PDC’s new SmartAlert™ technology will take care of the rest.

How Most Alerting Systems Work

Most systems require users to specify a fixed geographic area for alerts, such as by ZIP code or geometric boundary. In order to receive alerts about sudden onset events originating outside the fixed area—such as with a tsunami or a moving threat like a tropical cyclone or tornado—users must define a larger boundary and guess at how wide it should be. Once defined, alerts will be sent about tsunamis and tropical cyclones that may have impact within the boundary, but also other hazards inside the boundary area with no potential impact.


How SmartAlert™ Works

SmartAlert™ allows users to define a geographic area for alerts and then automatically detects hazards which may pose a threat to that area. When a hazard is detected and the SmartAlert™ geometry intersects the user-defined area, an alert for that hazard is issued. SmartAlert™ only alerts about the hazards that have potential impact, eliminating erroneous alerts. It also groups and aggregates multiple alerts issued by source agencies to reduce the number of duplicate alerts and the common problem of “over alerting.”