DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ helps business owners make informed and confident decisions amidst COVID-19

The team at DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ would like to share our new Coronavirus layers and how they may help you and your business. Our tools are used to help organizations effectively make choices and understand how the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting their places of interest or business in the current or potentially. As we’re opening up businesses again there’s a need to assess the situation. Using DAE’s interactive layers, business owners can make informed and confident decisions. At your fingertips are the latest information on trends, forecast models, policies, demographics, and much more.

How do we know it’s safe to open?

The answer to this question may vary by location and it’s essential to have the latest information on the situation. Using our Health Care Capacity: Coronavirus Layer will show overall infection rates, current trends, hospitalization rates and more across whichever region of the world that pertains to your location.

Upon uploading your important assets, you will be able to view the latest reports from major international agencies, federal offices for emergency response, and state-run departments of Health. This information will provide recommendations and aid in making the right decision and understand the impact of COVID-19 from a macro and micro perspective.

Can we reopen?

Policies range from country to country and sometimes from state to state. Our State Reopening Risk Layer estimates state reopening risks across the United States based on 3 criterias: infection rates, testing and hospital capacity. It can be time consuming to find out the current rules and regulations for your important locations. DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ streamlines all necessary information to you so you can quickly and safely return to business.

Other COVID-19 layers:

1. The Emergency Status Pandemic shows information on USA state emergency measures in response to COVID-19, including information on disaster declarations, EOC activation, and restrictions and closures of large crowds, nursing homes, schools, restaurants, and bars.

2. Health Care Capacity Index combines state-level indicator data for hospital beds per 1,000 persons, percent of counties with ICU beds, percent of physician needs met, physicians per 1,000 persons, physician assistants per 1,000 persons, and nurse practitioners per 1,000 persons.

3. Vulnerable Health Index is a composite measure of the susceptibility of populations to disruption, assessing the contribution of recent disaster impacts and conflict as well as the socio-economic, demographic, and environmental dimensions to susceptibility.

averages: the Vulnerable Health Status Index, Access to Information Vulnerability Index, the Clean Water Vulnerability Index, Economic Constraints Index, the Population Pressures Index, Environmental Stress Index, the Marginalization Index, the Recent Disaster Impacts Index, and the Conflict Impacts Index.

In this dire time, it’s important to factor in all aspects, DisasterAWARE Enterprise streamlines all necessary information for organization owners to safely open and continue to watch over their business with ease.

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