Solution for Earthquakes

Earthquakes don’t happen alone

Every year earthquakes cost the United States $6.1 Billion dollars. Earthquakes bring danger to business operations and employees. Moreso often it is what earthquakes cause that endanger people and businesses. After all, “Earthquakes don’t kill people, buildings do”. Earthquakes bring other disasters along with them. Tsunamis, floods, fires, landscape destruction, and more. Often it is among the longest hazards to recover from due to the damage of supply chains or transportation causing interruptions to recovery. It’s important for businesses to have a risk management or business continuity plan in order to protect business assets and prepare for what’s to come.

DisasterAWARE Enterprise Capabilities

DisasterAWARE Enterprise is the most authoritative risk management software that ties in all the earthquake data and information on tectonic plate locations, shaking intensity areas, and overall hazard exposure in a user-friendly software application. Get real-time notifications on impending earthquakes and stay ahead of the danger.

Other Applications don’t compare

Other earthquake notification applications are cluttered and unreliable. DisasterAWARE Enterprise includes asset tracking, smartalerts, and curated layers. For any missing capabilities, DisasterAWARE Enterprise enables the ability to add-on missing features such as user communication or mass notification via RavMobile. DisasterAWARE Enterprise. Don’t be caught unprepared during an earthquake disaster, DisasterAWARE Enterprise is the all-in-one risk management monitoring solution.

Earthquake Layers

Earthquake Intensity Zones: shows zones based on the probability of occurrence of earthquakes of 5 general intensity levels

Shaking Intensity Zones: Earthquake shaking intensity (Modified Mercalli Intensity – MMI IV and greater) for the past 90 days.

Source of data: United Nations Environmental Programme/Global Resource Information Database (UNEP/GRID

Historical Earthquakes (Locations)

Tectonic Plate Boundaries

Quaternary Faults and Folds: dataset contains information on faults and associated folds in the United States that demonstrate geological evidence of coseismic surface deformation in large earthquakes during the past 1.6 million years