Solution for Tropical Cyclones

Tame the risks posed by rampant tropical cyclones and keep your assets safe with DisasterAWARE Enterprise™

What is a Tropical Cyclone?


Hurricanes and Tropical Storms cause more deaths and destruction than any other weather disaster in the United States. At up to 600 miles wide, with wind speeds of 200 miles per hour. They potentially last weeks. Hurricanes and Tropical storms wreak havoc on anything standing in their way.

Tropical Cyclones consist of three different levels:

  • Tropical Depression: 38mph or less (34 knots)
  • Tropical Storm: 39-74mph (39-74 knots)
  • Hurricane: 74+ (64 knots)

Hurricane Seasons are from mid May through November.

Each Tropical Storm estimates to cost at least $22 Billion in infrastructure damages. From 1980 to 2019, tropical storms have caused $927 billion in damages. Just from 2018-2019 costed $136 Billion.

Long term effects: no power, Hurricane Maria: 7 weeks after 50% of Puerto Rico was still without power


          Category 3 Hurricane Maria

How Tropical Cyclones Effect Businesses

Unprepared businesses are at risk of permanently closing, or at a huge financial loss following the repercussions of Tropical storms. It may take even years to recover. During Hurricane Maria, for seven weeks 50% of Puerto Rico was out of power.

Does your business have a plan in place for preventing losses, damage, and disruption to supply chain, physical assets, and employee safety?

Preserving business assets ahead of a disaster begins with using DisasterAWARE Enterprise technology.

DisasterAware Enterprise™ parses and curates the highest-quality tropical storm and hurricane data to create an array of modular layers.

Other disaster softwares are inefficient or outdated with low quality maps, long processes, and multiple tabs.

Create 360-degree situational awareness that informs key actionable decisions before it’s too late.

Tropical Cyclone Layers

Create 360-degree situational awareness that informs key actionable decisions before it’s too late.

Lightning Strike Density

Near real-time areas and density of lighting strike activity during a 15 minute time period

Forecast Uncertainty

Average error, historically, for a Tropical Cyclone forecast

Estimated Still Water Storm

Estimated maximum still water levels which may occur during the forecasted 5 day period

Rain Accumulation

Real-time rainfall precipitation estimate from NASA IMERG for a 3-hour/ 1 day accumulation period. 

Stay dry during this Tropical Storm Season and rely on DisasterAware Enterprise™'s key authoritative monitoring layers and SmartAlerts

DisasterAware Enterprise offers monitoring over 99.3% of all natural and man-made disasters streamlined to be personalized to help protect your assets with DisasterAware Enterprise™’s SmartAlerts, you can esure the safety of your employees and supply chains from incoming hazards from anywhere.

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