Risk and impact intelligence is a key part of any Critical Event Management plan. Your business must plan, monitor, and proactively respond to natural and manmade hazards. To do this, you need the fastest, most accurate, and most reliable risk and impact data. DisasterAWARE Enterprise is a risk intelligence platform that gives you scientifically verified information to inform and support your business continuity planning and critical event management strategies.

Critical Event Management

  • Plan

    DisasterAWARE Enterprise enables your organization to create critical event management strategies using rich data from past and current disasters. Our Resilience Engine AI provides predictive intelligence allowing you to conduct tabletop exercises based on the most true-to-life circumstances tailored to your company’s vital assets–including people, facilities, vehicles, equipment, logistics routes, and more.

  • Monitor

    DisasterAWARE Enterprise alerts you to the hazards you need to see and only the hazards you need to see. To effectively perform Critical Event Management and improve organizational resilience you need real-time situational awareness, and you need to know the data you’re getting is reliable, near real-time and applicable to you. Our platform provides rich, layered data and the ability to customize SmartAlerts to the locations and assets you care about so you’re not distracted by extraneous alerts.

  • Respond

    When it’s time to put your Critical Event Management plans into action, you’ll be able to make quick, high-stakes decisions with confidence based on DisasterAWARE Enterprise’s continuous natural disaster and manmade hazard updates from around the world. Updates and alerts are available on any device type in your GSOC, or on tablets, and smartphones in the field. This means critical information pushes to all response stakeholders regardless of their location, allowing your team to effectively collaborate during time-sensitive response efforts.

Critical Event Management professionals can use DisasterAWARE Enterprise data to inform and guide decisions such as:
  • 1

    When to initiate their disaster response plan

  • 2

    The types of training and drills to perform in at-risk facilities

  • 3

    Assess risk and impact to
    business travelers

  • 4

    Changes to disaster response plans based on changing risk profiles at
    a facility

  • 5

    Recommend facility changes to improve resilience

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