Today’s global economy comes with global risks. Supply chains are
longer and more complex than ever before, leaving more room for disruption from natural disasters and manmade hazards alike. Supply chain disruptions can be costly: DisasterAWARE Enterprise helps hundreds of organizations across 65 countries plan, monitor, and
respond to potential and actual supply chain disruptions before–and
as–they happen.

Supply Chain Management

  • Plan

    DisasterAWARE Enterprise enables your organization to prepare for supply chain interruptions due to threats like hurricanes, wildfires, floods, manmade hazards, and more. With access to historic andcurrent data, and powered by our Reslience Engine, your organization has the detailed and accurate data you need to create strategy and conduct resilience what-if exercises surrounding your supply chain management.Understand your risk exposure, the likelihood of events, and improve your business resilience by planning ahead for the eventof global supply chain disruption.

  • Monitor

    DisasterAWARE Enterprise curates hazards and alerts you to the hazards you need to see and only the hazards you need to see. To achieve optimal supply chain risk mitigation you need real-time situational awareness, and you need to know the data you’re getting is reliable and applicable to your organization. Our platform provides rich, layered data including access to over 50,000 live webcams around the world. You’ll have the ability to configure SmartAlerts for the locations and assets you care about so you’re not distracted by extraneous “noise” throughout your day. Our asset tracking allows you to load any asset including buildings, airplanes, ships, logistics routes and even people. You will then receive SmartAlert should any asset be threatened by a hazard.

  • Respond

    When it’s time to put your supply chain management response plans into action, you’ll be able to make critical decisions about your supply chain with confidence based on DisasterAWARE Enterprise’s continuous natural disaster and man-made hazard updates from around the world. Updates and alerts are available on any device type and our Disaster Alert smartphone app gives you a GSOC in your pocket. This means critical information pushes to all response stakeholders regardless of their location, allowing your team to effectively collaborate during time-sensitive response efforts.

DisasterAWARE Enterprise provides supply chain management professionals with the data they need to assess hazards for real-time decision-making such as:
  • 1

    When to activate supply chain emergency response plans

  • 2

    Whether to use secondary transportation modes when
    primary logistics routes and
    ports are threatened

  • 3

    Whether to initiate production with an alternate supplier when primary suppliers are impacted

  • 4

    Whether to notify customers of potential order delivery delays

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