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We understand that to continually earn your trust and business, we must deliver exceptional customer support each and every day. Tenefit customer support is dedicated to providing you with a superior ownership experience.



User Guides

Our Quick Reference Guide will help you get up to speed as soon as possible. For more in depth training, our Foundational Training Guide has detailed guides for all of DisasterAWARE Enterprise’s features.

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Developer Training Guides

DisasterAWARE Enterprise’s Data as a Service (DaaS) includes the most comprehensive set of information available to track global hazards and understand their human impact. Take a look at our API guide for more information.

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Issue Tracking

Issue Tracking

Tenefit allows you to log issues directly into ZenDesk and track activity and resolution of your issues with our support team.

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Tenefit Global Support

Tenefit Global Support is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. To peruse the online system or receive support by phone, you must have purchased support and be registered as a Support user.

Existing Tenefit customers can use online support or contact us by phone at:

United States and Canada

1 (877) 522-9464


+1 (650) 294-4844

Or Email