Tenefit’s DisasterAWARE Enterprise Announces Partnership with Rave Mobile Safety

October 22, 2020
Tenefit’s DisasterAWARE Enterprise Announces Partnership with Rave Mobile Safety
October 22, 2020

SAN JOSE, CA. – Tenefit’s DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ solution is a global risk intelligence platform used by enterprises to prepare and protect their businesses and employees worldwide. This proven early warning and multi-hazard monitoring platform provides intelligence on natural and man-made hazards, such as severe weather, social unrest and supply chain disruptions. The integration of DisasterAWARE Enterprise with the Rave Alert™ mass notification system enables accurate and actionable communications, improved asset tracking and enhanced situational awareness.

“The best time to start planning an incident response is before that incident happens—which is why Global 1000 enterprises rely on us to assess and alert them of emerging risks,” said Bob Miller, CEO, Tenefit. “Our risk intelligence coupled with Rave’s mass notification system enable our customers to quickly and accurately communicate what their employees and communities need to know to keep themselves safe and minimize damage to their physical assets and personnel.”

“In terms of safety and security for communities and organizations, timing is everything,” said Todd Piett, CEO, Rave Mobile Safety. “Our suite of solutions is designed to get the right information into the right hands as quickly as possible, with as few steps as possible. Expanding our ecosystem to include these strategic integration partners brings us that much closer to the reality of a fully connected safety communication and collaboration platform.”

The sharing of critical information and intelligence enables public safety and commercial enterprises to protect their communities and businesses. Fire preplans, facility data, severe weather warnings and intelligence on natural and man-made hazards increase situational awareness and allow responsible parties to create safer environments.

About Tenefit Corporation
Tenefit is the leading provider of a Risk Intelligence solution that is built on the tenefit.cloud platform. The tenefit.cloud platform enables cost-effective, real-time delivery of information anywhere in the world. Global 1000 Enterprises have relied on Tenefit to deliver data efficiently, securely and reliably for over a decade.

About DisasterAWARE Enterprise
DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ delivers the same powerful disaster management technology used exclusively by top U.S. federal agencies and disaster management organizations around the globe for over a decade. For more than 20 years, the Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) has helped the public sector reduce disaster risk through ground-breaking research and applied scientific practices. Leveraging Tenefit’s technology, PDC’s natural hazard intelligence platform has been brought to the cloud and made available to the commercial sector. For the first time ever, enterprises will be able to ensure business continuity with a government grade C/EM tool allowing them to protect their people, property and production.

About Rave Mobile Safety
Rave Mobile Safety is the leading provider of critical communication and collaboration technology used to save lives, manage crisis incidents and increase resiliency. From major disasters and crisis events to everyday emergencies and operational incidents, the Rave platform enables critical data sharing, mass notification and emergency response coordination. Over 8,000 first responder, emergency management, 9-1-1, and federal, state and local agencies—as well as corporations, healthcare organizations, universities and schools—all rely on Rave to prepare better, respond faster, recover quicker and mitigate anticipated critical incidents.