Update to the Wildfire Data Layers

June 23, 2020
Update to the Wildfire Data Layers
June 23, 2020

We are updating the data layers in the DisasterAWARE Enterprise applications to ensure users and disaster decision makers have access to the industry standard sources for fire incidents and fire perimeters.

Legacy datasets:

  • Wildfire Perimeters (USA)
  • Wildfires (USA)
  • Data source for both: (GeoMac) – The GeoMAC application is no longer available. The information provided by GeoMAC will be managed by the fire community.

New datasets:

Current Incidents:

This layer provides a near real-time view of the data being shared through the Integrated Reporting of Wildland-Fire Information (IRWIN) service. The display of the points are based on the NWCG Fire Size Classification applied to the daily acres attribute.

Current Perimeters:

This layer displays fire perimeters posted to the National Incident Feature Service. It is updated from operational data and may not reflect current conditions on the ground. For a better understanding, see the National Wildfire Coordinating Group Standards for Geospatial Operations.

Area Covered: United States

Update Frequency:  Every 15 minutes

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