Silicon Valley company helps corporate businesses track global disasters


Flash back to a little over a month ago: Oct. 8 at about 9 o’clock in the morning.


A warning for Hurricane Michael has just been issued; estimated to make landfall directly on the the Florida panhandle. Once the storm reaches land, widespread damage is expected to result in flooding, tornadoes and wind speeds ranging from 144 to 173 MPH.


You’ve just arrived to work at your office in California. Whether you’re a global head of security, manager in charge of supply-chain risk management or making sure you know your corporate travelers whereabouts in case of emergency, with a few clicks of your computer’s mouse, you’re able to keep real-time, visual tabs on this storm and every other major natural disaster-related event around the world.


Access to this detailed description is made possible by a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool called DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ (DAE), a platform developed specifically with businesses in mind. With it, users can monitor 14 different types of natural disasters around the world, including geophysical, hydrological, climatological and 4 different man-made hazards.


“It’s really a one stop shop! The product ended up providing more than what I expected, in that it not only provides information on current things that are occurring but it also provides numerous analytical tools that you can use to analyze that information to see how it specifically threatens one of your locations,” Jeffrey Dean, Director of Global Security Risk Services for Citrix Systems and DAE user, said.


“What I love best about the system is it’s created a trust between employees and my security team,” he continued. “(Our employees) know we care about them. But we wouldn’t be able to have that level of care if I didn’t have (DAE).” Crystal Egger, president and certified meteorologist for Egger Weather Consulting, has been using DAE for a little over a month. She described how DAE stands out among other weather data platforms.


“As a meteorologist, I think the most beneficial aspect of DisasterAWARE Enterprise is the ability to get real-time data and also historical data,” she explained, “and it’s not just for the US, it’s for the entire world. I can’t think of another technology source that has that all-encompassing platform.”


“Weather never quits,” Egger said. “It’s a 24/7 monitoring job and by having the alert system and customizing that for our client and their location, is invaluable.”


“Our corporate clients are looking to know from a historical perspective, when they’re looking to expand worldwide, where they might want to put facilities,” DAE Strategic Account Executive Trisha Amaral said, “and DisasterAWARE Enterprise gives them access to weather-related information dating back decades.”

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With our DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ glasses on, we strive to do everything we can to help prepare and protect your assets, business and people around the world from the disasters we’ve seen in recent months.



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