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In 2017, Natural Disasters Set a Record of $135 Billion in Insurance Claims

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A History of Resilience

PDC is an applied research center managed by the University of Hawaii that for more than 20 years has been pushing the boundaries in disaster management—building the most powerful, scientifically sound, and most innovative solutions to support disaster risk reduction for the public. Today, it has partnered with Kaazing, a leading enterprise technology provider, to deliver its disaster management platform to the private sector.


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DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ Risk Intelligence Platform makes real time disaster response and management possible for businesses worldwide

2017 brought intense natural disasters that disrupted business operations worldwide. To prevent similar disruption and to minimize monetary losses, a real time disaster management solution, used for over a decade by top U.S. agencies, including the U.S. Department of Defense, the United Nations, FEMA, ASEAN, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Red Cross, is now available for enterprises worldwide. CGTN's Mark Niu reports on DisasterAWARE Enterprise™.

Our Solution

DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ Risk Intelligence platform processes information from thousands of different sources as it models scenarios for enterprise risk management and business continuity planning. DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ is a cloud-based SaaS risk intelligence platform accessible via computers, tablets and smart mobile devices (Android, iOS).

Powered by the Pacific Disaster Center’s cloud-based platform for monitoring global hazards and Kaazing connectivity technology, DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ integrated platform provides enterprises high-quality, real-time information about natural disasters and other emergency situations to protect people and business assets.

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Disaster Resilience on a Global Scale

DisasterAWARE has critically supported disaster risk mitigation, planning and recovery for communities around the world. Now it is able to do the same for enterprises.