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Your decisions are only as good as the data you base them on. DisasterAWARE Enterprise is powered by over 300 verified data sources from around the globe, updated automatically and in real-time, to give users continuous updates on natural and manmade hazard conditions, and the risks, and potential impacts that come along with them.

Global Data Catalog

  • Real-Time

    We pull data continuously from over 300 global sources 24/7. In just minutes, our Resilience Engine AI technology processes the raw data to provide you with the risk and impact intelligence you need to make decisions and act quickly.

  • Curated and Verified

    Minimize unnecessary “fire drills” with data that is curated to only show those hazards with the potential to impact business its people, locations and comes from verified sources, not social media inferences. Our data is pulled from government and scientific sources so you can rely on the alerts you receive.

  • Modeled Data

    Our impact intelligence is produced by our All Impact Model (AIM) 3.0, a sophisticated artificial intelligence model providing the highest resolution and most assessment of hazard impact available today. Being fully automated, AIM 3.0 gives you the most accurate assessment of the potential impact of a hazard to your assets in time to make critical decisions to improve business outcomes.


Regardless of where your people, facilities, and assets are located, DisasterAWARE has the data to power the insights you need to work towards organizational resilience. Our global data sources include accurate and up-to-date information displayed on our maps in layers that you can enable to show local resources like hospitals and fire stations no matter where you need to see them.

Our Global Data
Catalog Includes

  • 1

    Over 300 Global
    Data Sources

  • 2

    Real-Time Hazard
    Incident Data

  • 3

    Historical Hazard Data

  • 4

    Highly accurate
    predictive modeling

  • 5

    Demographic and
    socio-economic data

  • 6

    Real-Time Meteorological Observations
    and Forecast Data

  • 7

    Base map data, such as infrastructure, hydrography, and emergency services

  • 8

    satellite imagery

  • 9

    Topographic data and digital elevation models

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  • DisasterAWARE Enterprise™

    Organizations of all sizes, across all industries, can benefit from the advanced intelligence DisasterAWARE provides.
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    With DisasterAlert, you’ve got the most accurate and reliable source of global risk and impact data in the palm of your hand.
  • Data as a Service

    Use the power of our Resilience Engine to enable your applications with the world’s most accurate, real-time global risk and impact intelligence.

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  • Critical Event Management

    Risk and impact intelligence is a key part of any Critical Event Management plan. Your business must plan, monitor, and proactively respond to natural and manmade hazards .
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    DisasterAWARE Enterprise helps hundreds of organizations across 65 countries plan, monitor, and respond to potential and actual supply chain disruptions.