Our Solutions

DisasterAWARE Enterprise can be the backbone of your organization’s resilience strategy and decision making process. Our Global Data Catalog and Resilience Engine AI solve a large number of business challenges. While there are a near infinite number of ways you can use DisasterAWARE Enterprise to solve your organization’s needs, you can read more about our primary solutions here:

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Our Solutions

How would your business continue to function in the case of a disaster? Critical Event Management is key to minimizing business disruption during disasters or major events. DisasterAWARE Enterprise provides risk and impact intelligence to fuel your Critical Event Management strategy. You need accurate data and powerful intelligence in near real-time to plan, monitor, and respond to risks, make better decisions and improve business outcomes.

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Our Solutions

Supply chains are longer, more extensive, and more global than ever before. Combined with climate change, pandemics, and political unrest, this means your supply chains will experience bigger and more frequent disruptions across the globe. Supply chain management professionals around the world rely on DisasterAWARE Enterprise to provide the risk and impact intelligence they need to prepare for supply chain disruptions, make quick decisions, and improve supply chain resilience.

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  • DisasterAWARE Enterprise™

    Organizations of all sizes, across all industries, can benefit from the advanced intelligence DisasterAWARE provides.
  • DisasterAlert Mobile App

    With DisasterAlert, you’ve got the most accurate and reliable source of global risk and impact data in the palm of your hand.
  • Data as a Service

    Use the power of our Resilience Engine to enable your applications with the world’s most accurate, real-time global risk and impact intelligence.